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                    雅思口语:Part 3 “电子产品的使用”延伸问题

                      Do you think it is necessary to have laws on the use of mobile phone?
                      code / pin number →attacked, exposed to others; be addicted to computer games; videos or photos → violent and porno→ prohibited
                      怎么做才能抵制,我们把这些危险因素给出对应的解决方式,就是在解释it’s necessary to have laws on the use of mobile phone:
                      1.code / pin number →attacked, exposed to others
                      log on→requirement: ID number, bank account, corresponding
                      When people need to log on a website, they will be required to provide their personal information to correspond to their ID, such as phone number, bank account and their address. Ex. Train tickets
             addicted to computer games (children and teenager)
                      identification → limit the time of playing the games → give a notice of time limitation → force people to log out
                      3.videos or photos → violent and porno→ prohibited
                      Violent and porno videos should be prohibited on the use of the mobile phone for children. Nowadays, more and more children use mobile phones to finish their homework and contact with teachers. Some of the improper apps should be inhibited on the use for children or teenagers, so the only way is identification, but it doesn’t work sometimes.
                      既然法律解决不了,还有什么更好的方式呢?(critical thinking)
                      Parents play important roles on their children’s behavior. They should supervise their children on the use of mobile phone and eliminate the time of using mobile phone. Parents’ behaviors are much more important than the published / issued laws.
                      At what age should children have mobile phones?
                      从什么年龄范围选择:幼儿园排除,小学 some children have mobile phones in primary school 应该吗?
                      They shouldn’t have mobile phone until they go to the middle school. →
                      More attractive than the information on the textbook < why < lively pictures with comments, be more willing to read, updated information; textbooks are taught by teachers in a traditional way (orientated education)
                      →as a result, be addicted to the information on mobile phones; Lots of parents get worried that children would be interrupted by those.
                      >Interruption, interfere study behavior < why < consume a large amount of time on internet browsing, playing computer games and talking with friends;when they do their homework (write sth on the paper or work out a math question), the ringing message or a flashing screen will stop them working (writing or thinking).

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