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                              Describe an article you read from internet or magazines about healthy life
                              You should say:
                              what the article was about
                              where you read it (which magazine or website)
                              and explain what you learned/thought from the article
                              Recently I came across an interesting article on the internet about the benefits of drinkingwarm water with lemon in the morning. The website name is
                              You would normally think that lemon water is just one kind of drink that helps keep your body hydrated, however, it brings you many other benefits that you can‟t imagine. – The article says that if you build up a habit of kicking off your day with a glass of warm waterwith the juice of half a lemon, you will do your body and mind a great favor.
                              Firstly, lemon juice is a great source of Vitamin C, thus it helps boost your immune system in fighting off colds and flu. Moreover, lemons are great for combating skin ageing because they are rich in antioxidant properties. Lemon also helps clean our urinary tract and detoxify our livers. The list of benefits doesn‟t end there. The high level of potassium in lemons can helpbrain and nerve functioning and control blood pressure. Lemon water can also ward offstress and depression, which have been linked to low levels of potassium. As a result, the article suggests if you continue drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morningfor at least 21 consecutive days, you will notice the difference in your skin and general healthimmediately.

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